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DIFFICULT PEOPLE - A hulu original - poster
DIFFICULT PEOPLE - A hulu original - Poster
Images: HULU
“Talking $h!t about celebrities is what we do.”

Created by: Julie Klausner

DIFFICULT PEOPLE, from executive producer Amy Poehler, is so full of amazing talent it’ll make your head spin.

Julie (Julie Klausner) and Billy (Billy Eichner) are terrible people… I mean… Terrible… and I like it. We get to enjoy watching these two stumble through life as their friends pass them by. Together, they move around New York doing stand up comedy and tweeting mean things about celebrities. Yes, literally… that’s their “job.”

The never ending stream of guest stars and cameos makes this all come together. The rapid fire dialog might not be your thing at first but, give it a chance and you’ll get to the LOLs and disbelief + head shakers.

After watching serveral episodes today, I honestly wanted to write this entire review filled with puns about Billy’s eye and how the right eye is smaller than the left and started making a list of great words to use… but then I changed my mind and wrote some nice stuff.


  • Contagious – like HIV.
  • Stuffed with guest stars and cameos galore by the biggest names in Hollywood – like… actually successful people.
  • Sure to make you LOL atleast once or twice per episode.
  • Lucky to have you as a viewer so… get on that.

Available with your Hulu subscription. Purchase episodes or seasons from Amazon Video, VUDU, iTunes, YouTube, Google Play and Microsoft.

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