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EPIX's GET SHORTY (2017) Poster with Chris O'Dowd and Ray Romano
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“My mother wants you to make a collection in L.A.”

Created by: Davey Holmes
Comedy, Crime

Louis and Miles work for Amara, a lady you definitely don’t want to mess with. Together, they travel around Pahrump, Nevada picking up payments for the boss and taking care of “loose ends.” When a “business” trip to Hollywood puts the two in an unusual situation, they become producers of a low-budget movie directed by Rick Moreweather (Ray Romano). Moreweather is a down and out director and needs his next project so he can pay the bills.

  • Sean Bridgers and Chris O’Dowd deliver superb acting.
  • Ray Romano, as the rough looking Rick Moreweather, will have you feeling sorry for the washed out Hollywood casualty.
  • Amara, played by Lidia Porto, is a stone-cold businesswoman that will make you never want to borrow money.
  • We’re sure to be seeing more of Goya Robles after his excellent work portraying Yago, the dangerous nephew of Amara.

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