Streaming Services

Steaming services provide “video on demand” entertainment by allowing users to stream the same television shows and movies typically recorded on a DVR. This requires a fast and reliable internet connection to sustain playback of video and audio. Internet speeds of 50 – 100 mbps should provide a solid streaming connection for multiple people streaming simultaneously – possibly 4 devices or more. Streaming users do not receive any downloaded files. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video provide on-demand movies and television shows to subscribers.

Recommended Streaming Services

Subscriptions – Monthly or Yearly
Netflix   Hulu  HBO NOW      Button Link to AT&T DirecTV NOW Sign Up  


On Demand – Pay


Bundled – Access is included with some cable and satellite subscriptions
HBO GO   Fox Now          Button Link To TNT Network




Kids – Subscription, Bundled and Free
Netflix Hulu   Button To Disney NOW App     

Streaming Devices

Streaming Devices include products from Apple TV, Roku, Amazon and Smart TVs. Purchases of some devices includes access to streaming movies and television. Owning a Roku device gets you access to the Roku channel and many more streaming channels including many choices for free movies. Click the button to add the Roku Channel to your device including hundreds of free streaming movies. You can also add the channel from your Roku device interface.

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Cutting the Cord

“Cutting the cord” is a phrase most people use to describe turning off cable or satellite service to their home. However, for me it meant actually adding the “cord”. I had relied on satellite tv with DVR and DSL internet for over 15 years but was ready to change to internet streaming everything and looking forward to saving over $1000 a year. First, I called the cable company and asked them to come set up high speed internet with a cable modem. They said there was a 30 day guarantee and I could return the equipment (modem) within 30 days if the service didn’t work for me. So, they sent out a crew and ran a new cable line from the street corner to my house. Then, a few days later a technician came and finished running the new cable from my backyard to under the house and up into the cable modem which is located in the closet. I immediately was getting 60 Mbps from my wi-fi connection through an Apple Airport Extreme. The new high-speed connection was way faster than the 4.5 Mbps internet connection I had with A-DSL. Second, I called my old DSL internet provider and told them to turn off the service. Third, I called my satellite provider and told them I needed to cancel. They tried to offer me very low prices to continue subscribing to satellite with a few less channels – which I declined and cancelled my subscription. Then, I bought the RCA Digital HD outdoor antenna and climbed up on the roof to unplug the cable from the satellite dish and plugged it into the new RCA antenna. I knew the indoor antenna from Amazon wasn’t going to work well in the hills where I live. There are websites to help you install the rooftop antenna at exactly the right angle. Fourth, I bought a Roku 3 and an AppleTV and connected them in the living room and bedroom. My Airport Extreme wi-fi router is located in the middle of the house mounted to the wall above a closet door. It is white and blends in nicely with the white walls. I have the AppleTV hidden in a cabinet with glass doors and don’t even see it. The Roku is hidden behind the wall mounted tv in the bedroom and is easily accessible if I need to reset it by unplugging the power cable and waiting a minute to restart the unit. Everything works perfectly except for the occasional reset which can sometimes be done from the on-screen menus or manually by pulling the power plug out for a minute.

Login Credentials

Login credentials include a user name and password. If you have a cable or satellite subscription, you are probably eligible to have an online account to access your providers streaming content. Once you have your login credentials for your satellite, cable or subscription service, you are ready to enjoy streaming virtually any show or movie. Many streaming users don’t even have a satellite or cable subscription and simply stream everything from Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video.


You can activate new apps on your AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire or “Smart TV” from the comfort of your couch. All you need is your smartphone or tablet and you’re ready to go to the “activate” web page and enter the code you see on the TV screen to gain access to newly installed apps. You’ll use your login credentials from your cable service, satellite service, “starter package” or HBO GO / HBO NOW, STARZ, Showtime or MaxGo (Cinemax) account – to authorize access to content from apps. Access will not be allowed to apps that are not included in your subscription package although you may be able to “preview” some free content. HBO NOW, Showtime, STARZ and MaxGo are unique premium services that can be purchased without an existing cable or satellite subscription. Sling offers content from many networks, like a cable or satellite subscription, and includes live broadcasts and on demand. More details on the activation process to come…

 Amazon Prime

You can now subscribe to just Amazon Prime Video – without Amazon Prime – by clicking “See more plans” or get Prime Video and free shipping. There’s also a free 30-day Prime free trial that includes shipping and streaming. Also, low-income families can use EBT to get Prime for a lower monthly fee. You can browse and buy great services like HBO, STARZ, Showtime, and Cinemax from Amazon.