THE TICK (2017)


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The Tick Poster Image of The Tick and Arthur
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“I have the strength of 10, perhaps 20 men. A crowded bus stop of men.”

Created by: Ben Edlund
29 minutes TV-14

I haven’t felt the same since watching The Tick. My voice is much deeper and I’m way more aggressive than usual. I find my self walking around announcing every little thing I’m about to do just because it sounds cool.

The first episode pretty much lays it all out so you won’t need to wonder how this is possible – for very long. I mean… c’mon… look at that poster! It looks ridiculously awesome and, it works. The Tick is super fun.

As far as special powers and stuff… The Tick is:
• Really strong
• Bulletproof
• Indestructible
• Lightning fast with his reflexes
• Authoritative sounding
• Tall and handsome
• Intelligent
• Probably wishing he could fly

Turns out, The Tick is also looking to stop The Terror, so Arthur, played by Griffin Newman, and The Tick team up to end the battle that’s been happening since Arthur… I’ll stop right there so you can check it out for yourself.

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