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Ash with chainsaw in Ash vs Evil Dead
Images: Starz
“Listen up you primitive screwheads.”

Created by: Ivan Raimi,  Sam Raimi,  Tom Spezialy

It’s been a long time coming. Prepare yourself for Ash vs Evil Dead.

Ashley James Williams has been single-handedly slaying Deadites since 1981. The cabin-in-the-woods horror flick, The Evil Dead, spawned movie sequels, more video games than you’d expect, an entire shelf worth of collector’s edition DVDs, and now (finally) a television series from Starz.

Since his bloody adventure in the woods 35 years ago, Ash has matured into a successful, productive family man with outstanding achievements too numerous to list. Just kidding. He’s an overweight, underemployed slob. You really can’t blame the guy, he has a tremendous burden. The Book of the Dead is hidden in the back of his trailer, and nobody knows about it except him. Well, him and the stripper he showed it to one night when they were wasted.

Anyway, when the Deadites return, like they always do, nobody is better equipped to deal with them than Ash. After all, who else has a chainsaw where their hand used to be and a complete disregard for the well-being of others?

You can watch our idiotic, shallow, yet somehow inexplicably competent hero slice up the undead in season one and two of Ash vs Evil Dead right now. And if you like what you see then life is good, because season three is on the way.

Stream with a Starz subscription. VUDU is offering half-price season purchases. Available for purchase from the usual suspects.

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