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Wonder Woman (2017) Poster
Wonder Woman (2017) Poster
Images: DC, Warner Bros.
“Who will I be if I stay?”

Directed by: Patty Jenkins
2h 21minPG-13

Imagine a world where all DC movies are as good as Wonder Woman. I would actually look forward to watching them.

We are now four movies deep in the DC Extended Universe. Developed by two serious dudes, Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder, the series launched with the joyless Man of Steel, ventured further into the abyss with Batman v Superman: Dawn of justice, and then plummeted to baffling new lows of drama free narrative in Suicide Squad.

Those three flicks left everyone in a pretty bad place. Superman is in a depressed state, unable to find job satisfaction even when saving lives. Batman’s parents are more dead than ever, only now they’re joined by the Boy Wonder and most of Metropolis. Is there maybe a hero who can save us from all this rain-drenched misery?

Wonder Woman can save us. She did her best with her brief role in Dawn of Justice, but now she has a whole movie to help lighten the mood a little.

Isolated from civilization her whole life, Wonder Woman’s first exposure to mortals comes in 1945 when an American pilot, Steve Trevor, crash lands on her island paradise. He’s closely pursued by Nazi soldiers, and they storm the beach, guns blazing, like Nazis do.

Wonder Woman tries to persuade them to take only pictures and leave only footprints, but they can’t hear her over the machine gun fire. Their murderous assault consequently opens her eyes to the bigger world out there past the horizon—a world that desperately calls out for help.

And then something refreshing happens–she answers that call. Wonder Woman actually likes helping people. The result? Some goodwill has returned to the DC Universe, and I’m happily looking forward to the next movie featuring the Amazing Amazon.

Available for purchase at Amazon, VUDU, Google Play, iTunes, Playstation Store, and Microsoft. Rental available September 19, 2017.

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